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Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty

Amy Adams with
Chee Chee Snuggle Me'z

Nick and Drew Lachey
with Chee Chee Snuggle Me'z

Kimberly Brook and
James Van Der Beek
in Emma Snuggle Me'z

Lance Armstrong with
the Chee Chee
Snuggle Me'z

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How we got started?


Just like all busy parents today,  we found ourselves juggling the roles of mother and father of two wonderful boys (Ryder 2 years old and Brody newly arrived),   two  full-time careers  and all the thousands of other things that go on from day to day.  We wanted to find a simple way to take out our new bundle of joy without blankets falling off, dragging down the grocery store aisles, or the elements of the world interfering with his sleep.  That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for but there was nothing on today’s market to satisfy our needs.   I sat down with my husband Kevin and developed Snuggle Me’z, a fun, new, completely functional way to travel with your little ones all in the comfort of their own infant car seat.


On our first trip out as a new family we were getting all sorts of compliments and requests for this unique product.  Kevin and I knew we were on to something special and decided to inquire on producing a new car seat cover for active parents just like you. 


One may wonder how the name Snuggle Me’z came about.  It all began with our oldest son Ryder.  At night, right before he would fall asleep, he always said, “Mommy just snuggle mez”.  This is how the name Snuggle Me’zwas born and so began Alisa Kay and Company.


We are excited to start this adventure together….


Hope you enjoy,

Alisa Kress


Alisa K and Company, LLC